Customer Comments

Nov 2018 - Amazing customer service!

Nov 2018 - We have made purchases from Bull Dog in the past and have always been treated with professionalism and friendliness. We will continue to purchase items from Bull Dog and will recommend their company to others. Jodi and Danny are amazing.

Oct 2018 - A GREAT family owned shop! Courteous, kind, caring - the epitome of customer service! I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family.

Sept 2018 - Your customer service and reply time is top notch! 

June 2018 -  Easy delivery, arrived in perfect condition, and great customer service from your end with status updates and delivery progress updates.  Thanks again, i would definitely recommend your company to all my friends and family.

April 2018 - Orderd via telephone and had numerous question, all of which were answered. Great help with information as well as meeting my needs. Jodi was great.

Jan 2018 -  Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional sales staff. Large varied selection available in stock. Prompt delivery and setup within 3 days of sale. They were recommended to me by friends and in turn, I will definitely recommend Bull Dog Tuff Safes to others!

Nov 2017 - Thank you, Jodi, for a very pleasant visit to your showroom. I especially appreciated your help with Owen. If I ever need another safe, then I will definitely return. In the meantime, I'll be recommending your company to anyone I know who's in the market.

June 2017 - Very fun to deal with and mad the entire experience more enjoyable. Thanks for working on your anniversary!

Oct 2016 - Awesome safe!  Enjoyed the business experience with you and I will definitely be referring Bulldog Tuff Safes to everyone I know and for any future purchases that I may.

Sept 2016 - You guys rock! Awesome shopping experience, and we really enjoyed chatting with you. Thanks again!

Sept 2016 - I am extremely pleased with my Superior Supreme 55 safe. I could not be happier with the safe, price, installation, and the overall purchase experience. After many months of searching for the safe that would suit my needs I can comfortably say found the best quality safe within my budget. I want to wish you and your company all the best.

July 2016 - Living in Sacramento and being able to a purchase over the phone and have it delivered on a Sunday, was
Top Notch service! Thank you so much and Jody for making this happen for my
brother's birthday I will do business with you guys again I highly recommend
you guys

June 2016 - This was my first gun safe, and I love it.  It was not cheap, but everyone I talked to told me that I would regret not getting the biggest, best safe I could afford, and they were right.  Currently, I have 10 rifles/shotguns and 5 handguns in this safe, along with all my ammunition.  I also have various other items I wish to keep safe, and I have plenty of room to add more in the future.  The shelving is very adaptable and sturdy.  It is well built, secure, and HEAVY!  I don't currently have it bolted down, but that is an easy option with this safe, as there are four predrilled holes with covers.  I like the pockets on the door, as well as the 110v outlet in the safe, which I have the motion light and a 36" goldenrod dehumidifier plugged in.  I bought the mechanical lock, which was a personal preference, and I have had no trouble operating.  I was very happy with the service, turnaround time, and delivery from Bulldog Tuff Safes.  I would highly recommend this safe, as well as Bulldog Tuff Safes. 

FEB 2016 - I'm extremely satisfied with this safe (SM 30, actually -- same as the 25 but a bit taller) that I purchased from Bulldog Tuff Safes.
I visited the showroom and was given all the time that I needed to make a decision, and a few days later it was being expertly delivered. While full of information and guidance when asked, at no time did I experience a sales pitch or being hustled or coerced into a higher priced safe.
I couldn't be happier with the entire process, nor with the safe itself. Great people, great showroom, great product, great service. Thanks!

Dec 2015 - What excellent service!

Oct 2015 - Jodi and Dan were great. Excellent service, nice people. The Superior safe is a very high quality product at a fair price.

Aug 2015 - Jodi was very knowledgeable and professional. Bulldog carries a very good selection of safes in stock. She also made herself available after standard business hours to accommodate my schedule. Very good buying experience.”

Feb 2015 - I was very appreciative of the quality, friendly, and dedicated customer service I received.  As a retired customer service manager - I can say, "Job extremely well done".