Browning ProSteel Pro Series




No other gun safe company can match the security found in a Browning ProSteel Pro Series safe.  The sturdy, formed door frames are reinforced around the entire perimeter of the door opening for a strong, rigid structure that resists flex from prying.  MAX Locking Bolts, found on most Pro Series safes, offer up to twelve times more bolt surface area than regular round bolts with four times the strength.  Add in Pry-Stop Corner Bolts or Max End Bolts, and you have the most pry-resistant safes you'll find.  Pinnacle and Prestige safes feature the Gear Drive Locking System.  This system offers the security of cam and linkage systems, and features a super-smooth gear system with 300 degrees of rotation, making it three times easier to operate than other mechanisms.

The heart of a safe's security is its lock, and that is why all Pro Series Safes feature a UL listed Group II mechanical or Type I electronic lock.  The lock is protected by two 1/4" hardened steel plates and four 1/4" hardened steel pins designed to deflect or break drill bits during a drilling attack. 

Therma block Fire Protection  - It is a combination of thicker sheets of fire insulation arranged in an interlocking design, external hinges, heavier steel and continuous welds.  These components remove gaps and potential gaps that allow the internal temperature in the safe to rise in the event of a fire. 

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